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Cy’s Musings

Musings by Cyril Vetter

Just wanted to add a little food for thought about the people who
have influenced college football in the modern era. People who 
have learned, developed and honed their craft at LSU: 

1. Jimbo Fisher (offensive coordinator at LSU/Head Coach at Florida

2. Derek Dooley (tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator at LSU/Head 
   Coach at Tennessee.) 

3. Will Muschamp (defensive coordinator at LSU/Head Coach at 

4. Nick Saban (Head Coach at LSU/Head Coach at Miami/Bama.)

5. Kirby Smart (D-backs coach at LSU/defensive coordinator at Bama.) 

6. Bo Pellini (defensive coordinator at LSU/Head Coach at Nebraska.) 

7. Todd Monken (tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator at 
   LSU/offensive coordinator at Okie State.)

8. Tommy Moffitt (strength coach at LSU: numerous proteges in college
   football including the strength coach at Bama who tries to
   copy everything Moffitt does.)

9. Shelly Mullinex, Jack Marucci, and Andy Barker (the training staff 
   that every FBS school has tried {unsuccessfully} to poach. 

10. Mark Emmert (Chancellor at LSU/President of NCAA and the man who 
    brought Nick to the SEC.)

11. The Hat (who caused Urban Meyer to quit, made Spurrier vomit 
    on the sidelines and made Nick bite Kirby Smart's head off with 
    crazy/fearless "We have the want to win" play calls.)

People who have influenced college football in the modern era, who 
learned, honed and developed their craft at the University of Alabama: 

1. Mike Shula

2. Mide DeBose

3. Mike Price 

Just sayin'